Check In

Visa Processing

We have partnered with CIBTvisas to give you access to the world’s leading provider in passport and visa services. CIBTvisas is Cruise and Travel Experts preferred provider for all of our clients’ passport & visa services.

You benefit from the speed and convenience of CIBT’s world-class professional and friendly visa support and receive more than 40 percent off standard pricing.

Click this link below to our Cruise & Travel Experts unique CIBTvisa web portal (or click on the CIBTvisa logo to your left).

Enter your trip details and place an order. You will receive a detailed instruction pack with everything you need to obtain your travel documents.

Online Check In

We encourage you to check in for your cruise online to expedite your cruise ship boarding and skip the long lines at the pier! Here’s what you will need before you get started: