Doty Test Page: Hosted Cunard Ancestry Cruise

Custom Field: Join our Own Bonnie Childs on a Special Ancestry Cruise Crossing the Atlantic!

Custom Field: Our Cruise & Travel Experts travel expert Bonnie Childs is excited to host an ancestry cruise in 2018! She will be hosting a special group for Cruise & Travel Experts on a Westbound Transatlantic cruise on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. Follow your family’s journey across the world and through the centuries.
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Ship: Queen Mary 2
Cruise Line: Cunard
Sail Date: November 4, 2018
From/To: New York to London
Length: 7 Nights
per person
per person
per person
per person
  • Join Ancestry’s genealogy experts to uncover the fascinating and sometimes surprising past of the ancestors of some of our guests, senior officers, and crew. A new story unfolds each day – rich in international diversity and life stories.
  • Ancestry’s experts demonstrate how data drawn from the largest online collection of family history records can help trace your family’s past. Find out how AncestryDNA can introduce you to living relatives you never knew existed and reveal your ethnic mix across 1,000 years.
  • Join their guest anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota to discover how archaeology, anthropology, and history provide us with important insights into ourselves and where we come from.
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