Agency IATA List

In order for us to put you on our IATA list, we need you to provide us with the information below; our accounting team will then add you to the Cruise & Travel Experts IATA list. IATA will then send you an email indicating that you have been added. Once you receive this email, you can order an IATAN card on the IATAN website. In order to be put on our IATA list and obtain an IATAN card you must have been in the industry for at least six months and have commission earnings in excess of $5,000 over the most recent 12 months. If you already have an IATAN card and simply want to transfer to our IATA list or it is time for renewal, please provide us with either your PRIN or VER #. If this is your first IATAN card in the industry, please scan and email copies of commission statements from your previous host showing payments to you in excess of $5,000 over the last 12 months to If you are applying for a card in January, February or March, please scan and email a copy of your 1099 from last year to in lieu of commission statements.
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