Many destinations are now requiring a negative Covid-19 PCR test in order to be allowed to travel to a particular destination. In the comfort of your home, you can now take a simple saliva test and receive the most reliable Covid-19 test results in 24-36 hours.

We have partnered with MicroGenDX to deliver the most efficient RT-PCR saliva COVID-19 home collection test kit on the market with results in 24-36 hours. MicroGenDX is one of the leading labs offering COVID-19 tests — with a process that is FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) approved. For travelers needing to provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test to travel, this could be the solution.

The testing process is easy!

  • Order your tests directly through our dedicated URL. Tests can be ordered and used at any time. They never expire.
  • The kits are sent 2-day via FedEx.
  • Follow instructions to collect the saliva sample in the comfort of your home.
  • Completed kits must be dropped off at a FedEx Dropbox in the pre-paid overnight box.
  • Results will be received within 24-36 hours. Results will be sent in a printable PDF format directly from the lab and if applicable can be presented as proof of being tested.
  • Watch this short instructional video: Test Process Video



Prior to ordering a test, you should confirm the Covid-19 test requirements for your travel destination. It is your responsibility to identify the destination requirements for test acceptance and timeline start date (whether from the sample or results). Note these may vary by destination. Please read the destination requirements carefully to determine when to send your sample to the lab. Cruise & Travel Experts is not responsible for test results not received in time for trip departure.

  • Check your destination requirements and make sure they will accept an at-home saliva test. This is very important!
  • Order your kit ahead of time. Once orders are placed, ImmunitRx will ship your kit in two days.
  • Once you have ordered your test, look for an email from ImmunitRx to fill out your Lab Form. MAKE SURE THE NAME YOU USE ON YOUR LAB FORM MATCHES THE NAME ON YOUR PASSPORT EXACTLY.
  • Look at the calendar and send in the sample so that the test results are valid for your travel dates based on requirements of your destination.
  • Remember, if you are taking a test for travel, the name on your Lab Form must MATCH THE NAME ON YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS EXACTLY. Write clearly so the lab can read it.
  • For a quick reference guide of travel protocols, visit this tool by the US State Department for country updates: Countries.   As there might be a delay on the postings on this site, you should always verify directly with the destination for most up to date requirements.

Important for Travelers:
Timely delivery to FedEx Dropbox prior to final pickup time on any given day is the customer’s responsibility.