What’s Included

Member Benefits

Program Fee

Annual Fee: No Annual Fee

Monthly Fee: Our flat monthly technology fee of $27 includes your access to ClientBase, Group Management, other programs and tools as well as a CTE email address.

Phone System Fee

*Optional – If you would like to join our phone system, the monthly fee of $35 includes unlimited local and long distance calls and one local phone number which also works for faxing. If you would like an 800 number in addition to your local number, there is an additional $5 a month fee or $40 total per month. We can use your existing business phone number and you can then cancel your current service provider. With our phone system, CTE can provide service to your clients while you are away on business or pleasure. There is a one time fee to purchase the phone, which is $169. We provide more than just an answering service as we can access the programs you use to expertly service your clients while you are away. Additional fees apply for vacation coverage and it is not something you are required to utilize.